Latest Updates

1 January 2019: End of 4 years with no updates. The photo gallery software had changed and all the links on the main page were broken. I fixed these and added a new site, the Acton MA "Potato Cave."
I have several other new sites I will be adding as well.

5 December 2014: Added Ledyard CT Chamber and Pelham MA Chamber.

21 February 2013: Added Attleboro MA rock piles.

11 December 2012: Added "King Philip's Cave", Sharon MA.

21 February 2012: Added Merrill's Point burial mound, Salisbury MA.

24 November 2011: Added Montville CT "Complex".

25 September 2011: Added New Salem MA "Bear's Den" chamber, also a new link to Traces in the Woods..

24 June 2011: Added Dunbarton NH rock piles.

14 May 2011: Added West Brookfield MA "Rock House" rock shelter.

12 April 2011: Added Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest rock piles and other features.

14 February 2011: Added Haydenville MA rock piles.

27 December 2010: Added Southborough MA rock piles.

17 November 2010: E. Brookfield MA chamber identified as a root cellar.

9 November 2010: Added Foxboro State Forest stone features and "Hand Rock" petroglyph.

17 October 2010: Added "Nine Men's Misery" stone walls and features.

20 September 2010: Added E. Brookfield MA chamber.

19 August 2010: Added Easton MA chamber.

18 July 2010: Added Birchwold Farm, Wrentham MA stone walls.

11 June 2010: Added S. Royalton VT Chamber.

25 April 2010: Added "Bara-Hack" Abandoned Settlement.

14 March 2010: Created this page. Added some new photos to the Douglas State Forest gallery. Added Norton MA Chamber.

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